Introducing my Healthy Food Prep blog


Christina Fitzer is the creator and author of HealthyFoodPrep, a blog for real people with limited time who want to try to make healthy food choices.

As a busy wife and working mom of two, Christina had been meal planning and food prepping for her own family for about a year and would occasionally post photos about it on FaceBook and Instagram. Many friends who saw her posts started asking her how to do it.

So Christina opened up her kitchen to two of her dearest friends, Kara and Kelly (aka the “Test Kitchen Girls, who you will get to know too.) The three of them started food prepping together every Sunday.

Christina would create the menu and a shopping list and send it to each person. Anything that could be purchased in bulk at Costco to save money, Christina would buy and the others would reimburse her.

Once pictures from the Test Kitchen started being posted to FaceBook, even more people asked to join.

Unfortunately Christina’s Kitchen isn’t big enough to accommodate a large group, so occasionally someone will join “Test Kitchen Girls” for one week per month and hopefully take the skills they learned back to their own kitchen. That is when the idea to write a blog started getting tossed around.

You will notice Christina is a big proponent of using real ingredients and organic whenever possible but isn’t afraid to fall off the boat occasionally. Some of the recipes are her own but a lot of them are borrowed from others, which are credited and linked to in each post.

We hope you enjoy the blog and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to email us at

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  1. I know you ladies must have fun cooking together. A great way to be social and get some meals put together!

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