Food Prep Benefits by Kelly

There are so many benefits to weekly food prep. Food prep was not even something I knew about a year ago but thankfully Christina invited me to her first prepping session and I’ve barely missed since. Food prep is essentially planning and prepping your meals in advance for the week. Some of the benefits to food prep are added time to your week (enough said, right?), trying new foods, providing your family with healthy meals, expanding your kid’s palette and spending time with friends. Having food prepped means I have fantastic meals on the table in less than 10 minutes.


Dance Party

Dance Party

The biggest benefit to food prepping is added time to your week. Having meals prepped adds 35-45 minutes of time to your day. I use this time to spend valuable time with my family. I’m a Mom of 3 so getting 1:1 time with each of them can be a challenge. My added time is typically spent with my oldest who spends the most time out of the house each day. We use this time to talk about her day, who she sat by at lunch, new things she learned and catching up on homework. We’ve also used this time to have a family dance party or what ever sounds like fun at the time 😉 I have dinner ready when my husband gets home from work leaving us with more time together as a whole family too. Sharing moments with my family warms my heart and I love having extra time in the evening with them.


Trying new foods. Christina has some great recipes and she isn’t afraid to try new recipes. I used to do little to no food prepping which would mean at 3:30, I would open the pantry and if I had 2-3 ingredients for a recipes that is what I made. Christina has taught me how much spices and new foods add to the flavor. I’ve tried so many new foods like kale, parsnips, leeks, quinoa and many different combinations of foods. All things I wouldn’t of tried without Christina’s influence.
Christina focuses on healthy foods. Adding lots of vegetables and fruits to dishes has become the new normal. We hide so many veggies in soups and apples in hearty sausage dishes. We are adding more nutrition without realizing it. The use of spices makes the food richer so we’ve found less food makes us more satisfied. Adding lots of veggies goes unnoticed more times than not and that is a huge win when you have children.


My oldest daughter is my pickiest eater and she now loves kale chips and quinoa. Being able to add these super foods to her very limited palette has been a huge victory. My son who is a toddler loves everything I cook and that makes me feel so good. The vegetarian dishes are some of his favorites – corn, apples and black beans are his top favorites. My middle daughter’s favorite food right now is salad. She adds lots of veggies like carrots and peppers. She will eat salad anytime of day and what Mom wouldn’t love that?!?


Sunday food prep has become such a fun way to spend time with friends while cooking your meals for the week. We are really getting this down to a science. We are saving a ton of money on groceries because we buy in bulk at Costco and can create our weekly meals in about 3 hours. We’ve noticed the time does not change with the amount of families. So we spend 3 hours prepping for 2 or 4 families. We are all there multitasking and working hard to crank out our weekly meals. There is no pressure at all to be an expert cook because we are all learning together. Christina takes the lead by reading the recipes and giving direction all while keeping us organized. And trust me she has to repeat herself more than a few times because we get talking or helping with the kids. Together we enjoy discovering new foods or new combinations we’ve never cooked with before. It’s been a great way to spend time catching up on our week and learning about new recipes and super foods.


So grab a few friends and use this site as guidance to give food prepping a try. Or come join us on a Sunday and see how we’re doing it. Things are more fun in groups and see for yourself how food prepping can have a positive influence on your family.